5 Foods I Almost Never Eat, and Some Healthy Swaps

  • Cardiologist Harmony Reynolds said she almost never eats foods like potato chips and snack cakes. 
  • She opts for healthy swaps like popcorn or fruit, and enjoys less healthy treats like bacon in moderation. 
  • Research suggests processed foods increase the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease.
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Eat Your Greens: FDA Proposes New Definition for ‘Healthy’ Packaged Food Claims

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed rule on September 29 setting forth new criteria for the labeling of food products with the nutrient content claim “healthy” intended to help consumers more easily navigate nutrition labels and to make healthier purchasing decisions.

Per the proposed rule, labeling

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Let’s Eat – Cheese Dip for Your Tailgate Party

Lighter Seven Layer Dip

This is a 7 layer dip makeover. It replaces full-fat sour cream with plain non-fat Greek yogurt which is going to be far less calories and a bit more protein to help keep you full. For the bean layer, I’ve replaced refried beans with black beans

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Eat More Dairy, Less Red Meat to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Stockholm, Sweden — Among animal protein foods, low-fat dairy consumption may minimize the risk of developing type 2 diabetes while red meat raises that risk, a new analysis finds.

“A plant-based dietary pattern with limited intake of meat, moderate intake of fish, eggs, and full-fat dairy, and habitual consumption of

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Fun Lunches Help School Kids Eat Healthy Foods

From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.

When it comes to making lunch for their kids, moms and dads have usual favorites. For some parents in the United States, those favorites are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — also known as PB&Js. Fruit like apples and

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Foods to eat and avoid to lower cholesterol

Although foods containing dietary cholesterol are unlikely to significantly affect high cholesterol levels, a person should avoid foods that are high in saturated fats.

Cholesterol helps the body perform several important functions, including assisting with hormone creation and building cells. The liver creates cholesterol for the body to use, while

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Children pushed to eat junk food over holidays by UK government campaign | Fast food

Struggling families are being encouraged by the government to feed their children on discounted supermarket cafe menus comprising ultra-processed junk food over the summer holidays, experts have claimed.

The government’s Help for Households campaign last week urged families hit by the cost of the living crisis to take advantage of

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How Much Should I Eat? Quantity and Quality

Figuring out how much to eat while achieving or maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult. Getting the proper nutrients and eating the right amount for your weight and activity level can contribute to healthy aging. This article provides suggestions for how older adults can get the nutrients they need   Read more

Florida bride, caterer arrested after guests eat marijuana-laced food

A Florida bride barely got a chance to enjoy her nuptials after being arrested and accused of lacing her wedding food with marijuana and serving it to unsuspecting guests. 

Dayna Glenny and her caterer, Joycelyn Bryant, were charged with tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana, according to FOX 35

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