Atlantic diet vs. Mediterranean diet: Study links Spanish, Portuguese foods to lower risk of metabolic syndrome

You’re probably familiar with the myriad benefits of the Mediterranean diet: reduced inflammation, healthy brain aging, and more. But the similar Atlantic diet offers its own advantages, according to a new study conducted in Spain.

Researchers at the University of Santiago de Compostela discovered a link between the Atlantic diet

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Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health: Foods to Eat and How to Get Started

Imagine living along the Mediterranean Sea. Does it sound like a beautiful, out-of-touch dream? 

While you may not be able to pack your bags and move to Greece, you can eat Mediterranean cuisine from the comfort of your own home. Named the best diet of 2023 by U.S. News and

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Mediterranean diet tops best diets list for 6th year in a row

The flexitarian diet is a person that encourages a vegetarian diet regime most of the time, but has overall flexibility to also consist of animal proteins like a hamburger. The Mediterranean diet regime facilities on entire grains, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and seafood, when the TLC food plan, which stands

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Mediterranean diet named best diet for 2023


The gold medals are piling up. For the sixth calendar year in a row, the Mediterranean type of consuming gained the title of greatest over-all diet plan, according to 2023 rankings introduced Tuesday by U.S. Information & Globe Report. Meals from the sunny Mediterranean also rated 1st

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Green Mediterranean diet is best for reducing harmful visceral fat

photo of green garden furniture and green plantsShare on Pinterest
A modified Mediterranean eating plan, so-referred to as the environmentally friendly Mediterranean food plan might convey the most advantages to those seeking to shed visceral extra fat. Image credit score: kolderal/Getty Photos.
  • A new research seemed at the wellbeing effects of a new variation of the Mediterranean
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‘Green’ Mediterranean diet burns fat even faster: study

Following the “green” Mediterranean diet helps burn fat three times faster than typical healthy eating, a new study shows.

Research published in the BMC Medicine journal found that eating a plant-based Mediterranean diet allowed the body to burn a dangerous type of body fat at triple the rate compared to

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3 recipes from Suzy Karadsheh’s ‘The Mediterranean Dish’ to make this week

From hit food website to first-time cookbook, “The Mediterranean Dish” offers an array of bright, flavorful recipes to bring the culture of Mediterranean cuisine to home kitchens with ease.

Creator and author Suzy Karadsheh joined “Good Morning America” to offer a handful of her favorite recipes that live up to

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The 20 best easy Mediterranean recipes | Food

Dishes that read like poetry: pomegranate fattoush, burrata on bruschetta, huevos a la flamenca, strawberries in moscatel with sandcakes. Twenty delicious and easy recipes from the north and south of the Mediterranean. We have Richard Olney’s fabled fennel baked with white wine, Claudia Roden’s chicken with olives and boiled

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