Low-fat diet could help stop cancer growth: study

Low-fat diet could help stop cancer growth: study

Sixty-12 months-aged Rolf Sulzle recently retired from a job as a toolmaker, obtaining lived his life in reasonably superior wellbeing, till he was instantly identified with an aggressive IDH1 mutant brain cancer in May perhaps this 12 months and advised he had just 3 months to stay.

Most cancers is

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Study Provides Insight on Mobile Food Pantries, Charitable Food System

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, food pantries across the nation pivoted to develop “mobile” selections, repurposing university buses or using massive tractor-trailers to produce food stuff to various neighborhoods.

This was specially crucial as charges of foods insecurity improved throughout the U.S. A single team that was particularly really hard-strike was

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Consumers want specific health and wellness benefits in their products in 2023, study finds

Dive Brief:

  • Consumers are looking for specific health and wellness benefits from their food and beverages, placing that above sustainability, according to Tastewise’s 2023 trend report.
  • New flavors in both condiments and desserts are increasing in popularity, with consumers looking for functional floral and botanical tastes. Traditional Latin American
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‘Green’ Mediterranean diet burns fat even faster: study

Following the “green” Mediterranean diet helps burn fat three times faster than typical healthy eating, a new study shows.

Research published in the BMC Medicine journal found that eating a plant-based Mediterranean diet allowed the body to burn a dangerous type of body fat at triple the rate compared to

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Low-Fat Vegan Diets Could Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, New Study Finds

A new study indicates that eating a low-fat, vegan diet could decrease the risk of chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

The research was published in Dietary Science and Practice. It looked at the ways in which low-fat, plant-based foods impact body weight and composition, as well as insulin

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TikTok promotes toxic diet culture among teens, young adults: Study

According to new research from the University of Vermont, the most popular TikTok content related to food, nutrition, and weight fosters a harmful diet culture among teens and young adults, while professional voices are largely absent from the conversation.

The study, which was just published in PLOS One, found that

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Lack of sleep increases unhealthy abdominal fat, study finds — ScienceDaily

New research from Mayo Clinic shows that lack of sufficient sleep combined with free access to food increases calorie consumption and consequently fat accumulation, especially unhealthy fat inside the belly.

Findings from a randomized controlled crossover study led by Naima Covassin, Ph.D., a cardiovascular medicine researcher at Mayo Clinic, show

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DNA study shows endangered sharks found in cat and dog food, Trending News

A DNA study has revealed that endangered sharks have been found in cat and dog food. Several brands consisted of endangered species. However, they listed only vague ingredients such as “ocean fish.”

The study used DNA barcoding. As a part of the analysis, the scientists tested 45 pet food products

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Concurrent Droughts Worldwide Likely to Threaten Global Food and Water Security in Near Future: Study | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

File photo (IANS)

Recent collaborative research has found that droughts co-occurring across different regions of the world could place an unprecedented strain on the global agricultural systems, threatening the water and food security of millions of people.

Continuing fossil fuel dependence will increase the probability of co-occurring droughts by 40% by the mid-21st

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