California $20 Fast-Food Wage Will Put Prices up, Deter Diners

California is putting up the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour on April 1 — and it could make restaurant prices so unpalatable that people buy more groceries to cook at home instead.

Fast-food workers in the Golden State won’t just get a one-off raise – the

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Wendy’s newest breakfast item is made by another fast-food chain

New York

Wendy’s is sweetening its breakfast lineup with a new treat that comes from an unusual place: another fast food chain.

It’s a risky bet that other chains have made before. Partnerships between rivals can boost sales, but they can also anger restaurant owners. And they risk

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Taco Bell Was Reddit’s Biggest Fast Food Obsession in 2023

People love talking about fast food on social media. Getting hyped for limited-time releases is one thing, but the discourse about fast food chains isn’t always positive. Restaurant Business reports that the one chain that Reddit couldn’t stop talking about in 2023 was Taco Bell—and much of the

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Taco Bell ‘front runner’ in healthy fast-food restaurants, here’s how

If you have a craving for Mexican fare, Taco Bell may be a better bet for your health and waistline than you think — as long as you know how to navigate the fast food chain’s menu.

“Taco Bell has become a front-runner in healthy fast-food restaurants,” Jen Hernandez, a

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8 Fast-Food Chains That Use Pure Ground Beef for Their Burgers

You know that old idiom usually attributed to Otto von Bismarck about regulations and sausages, suitable? Fundamentally, what he (is supposed to have stated) is that if you take pleasure in sausages and you regard the regulation, it is really very best you do not see how either of them

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Mixed emotions as McDonald’s leaves Kazakhstan

ALMATY (Reuters) -Employees eliminated the branding from McDonald’s outlets in Kazakhstan’s most important city, Almaty on Friday just after the rapidly foods giant’s nearby small business appeared to drop target to collateral damage from the Russia-Ukraine war.

The brand’s exit from the Central Asian nation of 20 million divided feeling

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Get Free Fast Food for Taking These Customer Surveys

Image for article titled Get Free Fast Food for Taking These Customer Surveys

Photo: SerPhoto (Shutterstock)

Several dining places (typically speedy meals) request you to contact, text, or go on the web to fill out a consumer suggestions study. Most people dismiss them, and understandably so—they can be monotonous, sometimes very long, and it may not feel truly worth it

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This McDonald’s has been declared ‘best in the world’

They’re McLovin’ it.

A McDonald’s in Welshpool, Wales, just about the border from England, has been dubbed “the finest in the world” by a Michelin-starred chef.

Outside of operate-of-the-mill Significant Macs, the deluxe menu is explained to attribute sandwiches with truffle-aromatic mayonnaise and Cadbury chocolate-filled McFlurries.

The 5-star fast-foodstuff claim

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Here’s What’s Next for Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

new chicken sandwiches

new rooster sandwiches

Recall the fantastic outdated days when speedy foodstuff menus in all places were obtaining pelted with hen sandwiches? We struggled to maintain up with all the new offerings, conducting lots of flavor tests, and at the end of 2021, we concluded we’d like to see

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7 Fast-Food Chains with the Highest Quality Takeout

Most men and women will not associate quick meals with “fineness” or a “grade of excellence.” That is, they do not make such associations except they are speaking about the speedy-food items chains we are discussing currently. These places to eat could be committed to rapid support, but they are

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