8 Fast-Food Chains That Use Pure Ground Beef for Their Burgers

You know that old idiom usually attributed to Otto von Bismarck about regulations and sausages, suitable? Fundamentally, what he (is supposed to have stated) is that if you take pleasure in sausages and you regard the regulation, it is really very best you do not see how either of them

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8 Fast-Food Chains That Serve Never-Frozen Burgers

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, if kept frozen, ground beef remains safe to cook and consume indefinitely, though it is at its best, taste and texture-wise, within four months. Fresh ground beef, on the other hand, is only at its best for about two or three

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In-N-Out sues Michigan fast food restaurant Doll n’ Burgers for similar look

So it may come as no surprise that In-N-Out has filed yet another copyright infringement lawsuit. This time, the fast food chain is suing a Michigan restaurant called Doll n’ Burgers, with locations in Tecumseh and Jackson, according to the Daily Telegram.

In-N-Out is reportedly claiming Doll n’ Burgers

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