This Beloved Burger Chain Is Giving Away Free Burgers This Weekend

This Beloved Burger Chain Is Giving Away Free Burgers This Weekend

If you like free food, you are going to love what Jack in the Box has going on this weekend. From Friday, August 26, through Sunday, August 29, the chain is going to be giving away a generous amount of points through its loyalty program—points that can amount to free lunch right away.

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The chain will be awarding both new and existing customers with 40 free loyalty points through their app in a major push to attract more members. This amount of points can immediately be redeemed for a Jumbo Jack hamburger or an order of Curly Fries. Additionally, new members will get 25% off their first in-app purchase while all members enrolled in the loyalty program receive one point for every dollar spent.


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Fast-food chains are driving customers to their mobile apps via new loyalty programs—Jack in the Box launched its program in the spring—in hopes of retaining business through repeat sales and drawing customers away from other chains. Such platforms also provide companies an avenue for targeted marketing, according to Restaurant Business, which can increase the amount customers spend per purchase.

Founded in 1951 in San Diego, Calif., Jack in the Box now ranks as the 20th largest fast-food chain in the United States by sales volume, according to Restaurant Business. The chain currently operates just under 2,230 locations in the United States (it also operates in Guam), but according to QSR Magazine, is planning an aggressive expansion. The goal is to spread beyond its current 21-state reach to a presence in all 50 states and as many as 6,000 restaurants in the coming years.

This planned expansion will eventually expand the chain in the Northeast market as well as the deep South and Florida, where Jack in the Box currently has minimal presence.

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