Consumers want specific health and wellness benefits in their products in 2023, study finds

Dive Brief:

  • Consumers are looking for specific health and wellness benefits from their food and beverages, placing that above sustainability, according to Tastewise’s 2023 trend report.
  • New flavors in both condiments and desserts are increasing in popularity, with consumers looking for functional floral and botanical tastes. Traditional Latin American
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Low Fat Foods: Examples, Benefits, and More

Reducing fat intake can have many health benefits. Learn which low fat foods can help you feel full while providing a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Some foods include egg whites, legumes, and more.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a nutritious eating

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Why Pickle Is Trending In American Food Circuit – Health Benefits And More

Culinary preference is always in a state of flux, whether in India or beyond. We have whole-heartedly adopted Chinese, Italian and other cuisines as our own and the same trend is seen elsewhere. Pickle is native to India and is the most popular accompaniment for Indian meals. Fruits or vegetables

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Rice diet: Benefits, effectiveness, recipes

The rice diet is a high-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-protein diet to lose weight. The diet features calorie deficit, reduced sodium, and mindfulness and may help some people lose weight and achieve better health.

A research scientist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina created the rice diet in the 1940s.


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Lifestyle and health benefits of Trans-Fat Free Vanaspati and how it is going to impact the market

The eating habits of today’s generation differ significantly from those of previous generations. The older generation, in comparison to the millennials, were more interested in eating home-cooked meals. Our eating habits have shifted considerably within a few decades, with our diets becoming nearly unrecognizable from those of our grandparents and

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How Dolphin Research Is Revealing the Hidden Health Benefits of Butter


Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia/Getty Images

When Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson started studying dolphins at the US Navy’s marine mammal program, she wasn’t expecting to turn the food pyramid on its head. 

Venn-Watson, a veterinary epidemiologist who’s worked in public health with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says the dolphins

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