Woman makes ‘chocolate pakodas’ in viral video. Watch man’s reaction after eating them

Bizarre food experiments are not new on social media. There have been hundreds of strange food fusions, mostly by roadside vendors, that may not seem palatable to a lot of netizens. However, there are still some people brave enough to try dishes like mango Maggi or rasgulla chaat. The latest   Read more

Watch: Bloggers Set World Record By Visiting The Most Number Of Fast-Food Restaurants

The culinary scene has seen some bizarre world records till now! People have used their creativity and their desire for something crazy and ended up achieving the impossible. Recently, we came across a Guinness World Record that may sound a little too good to be true. Growing up, we loved

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In bizarre experiment, street vendor makes Maggi by adding raspberry ice cream dolly. Watch

If you are a regular on social media, then you must have come across many videos showing bizarre food experiments. Maggi has to be one food item that has been cooked with many outrageous combinations and ingredients. While such videos may leave a bad taste in your mouth, they often   Read more

Specially-abled Swiggy delivery agent rides wheelchair to deliver food. Watch | Trending

While you sit in the comfort of your home or elsewhere and order food online, there is a delivery executive who braves all odds to get it delivered to you on time. And this is what this heartwarming video captures. The video features a Swiggy delivery executive riding a wheelchair

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How to read a food label (and seven words to watch out for)

You could be forgiven for feeling slightly confused when it comes to understanding food labels.

Claims and health-related benefits often touted on food packaging include “no added sugar”, “97 per cent fat free”, “wholegrain”, “natural” and “grain-based protein”, along with a number of tables, numbers and nutrients.

Often the information 

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Woman skilfully recreates 20th Century Fox Fanfare theme with food items. Watch | Trending

These videos shared as Instagram Reels videos show how a woman recreates the 20th Century Fox Fanfare theme with breakfast food items.

Having musical talent is something only a few people can boast of and this woman in specific has it in plenty. If you are thinking what makes us

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