Gooh Grocery turns former strip club into international food hub | Business

At 3554 E. Washington Ave., the strippers and bartenders are long gone. In their place are coolers of smoked African fish, an all-Halal meat counter and aisles packed with international foods. The former Visions Night Club, Madison’s last strip club, is now Gooh Grocery.

The transformation of the two-story building

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Super G Mart grocery to open with unique finds in Pineville

Employees help stock the shelves at the new Super G Mart in Pineville on Tuesday. The international supermarket, the third location for the brand, is slated to open this weekend.

Employees help stock the shelves at the new Super G Mart in Pineville on Tuesday. The international supermarket, the third location for the brand, is slated to open this weekend.

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Just days away from opening, Super G Mart in Pineville on Tuesday was bustling as boxes filled

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2023 grocery food trends to watch

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Year in Review

This is the 10th and final article in WGB’s Year in Review series. 

There are quite a few food categories predicted by experts to be trendy for 2023: Convenient foods, healthy foods and even nostalgic foods, among others. But the most- prevalent of these food trends are

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Do Viral TikTok Trends Translate to Grocery Purchases?

In an age when social media influences just about every aspect of our daily lives, TikTok has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to get food ideas. While it’s difficult to know which TikTok food videos, also known as #FoodTok, will go viral, Instacart is taking a look at

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Food prices are all high, but these 5 grocery items are the hardest hit, data shows

(NEXSTAR) — While the U.S. has seen some relief at the gas pumps, and signs show the prices of goods for consumers could soon decline, there are a few grocery items that could be putting extra pressure on your wallet.

The latest data from the Labor Department, released Wednesday, show

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Get ready for a food fight: High grocery costs are here to stay

High food prices affect nearly every household and have proven to be a major hindrance to efforts by the White House and Democrats to shake off inflation-induced political woes. But Republicans have stepped up their attempts to use the issue to hammer the administration and congressional Democrats.

That message has

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Innovation in private-label grocery products is capturing consumer loyalty

Good & Gather grocery products

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Grocery shopping has become increasingly complex during the past two years due to pantry loading, supply chain disruptions, inflation causing higher prices and more. With these issues persisting throughout the coronavirus pandemic, even for short periods at a time, consumers have often

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Healthy food initiative continues to close grocery gap in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE – An idea planted three years ago has taken root and sprouted. It’s the seeds for a healthy community in East Baton Rouge Parish.

The idea has buy-in from different levels – even doctors who see patients from neighborhoods in so-called “food deserts.” There are thousands of people

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America’s Biggest Grocery Chain Is About to Offer This Fast-Food Service

They recently took a strong stance on the quality of their chicken products, and now they’re about to make your access to fast food more convenient. This supermarket chain with 2,800 stores in 35 states recently announced a revolutionary new partnership that might make your grocery trip a little tastier.

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