Get ready for a food fight: High grocery costs are here to stay

High food prices affect nearly every household and have proven to be a major hindrance to efforts by the White House and Democrats to shake off inflation-induced political woes. But Republicans have stepped up their attempts to use the issue to hammer the administration and congressional Democrats.

That message has

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Utah Legislature Enlists Local Nutrition Coalition in Fight Against Food Insecurity

Posted by Sandra MacMartin, Public Affairs Specialist with guest author Paul Birkbeck, SNAP Program Specialist, Utah Department of Workforce Services in

Food and Nutrition
Nutrition Security

Jul 27, 2022

Utah SNAC graphic

My name is Paul Birkbeck, and I have worked with SNAP for 26 years and have been honored to chair Utah’s

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Hartford agrees to settle an old fight over a fast food drive-through

Hartford is on the verge of settling a pricey, decadelong legal fight that pitted a private developer’s plan for a fast food restaurant against the city’s and West End neighborhood’s ambition to create a walkable, Farmington Avenue streetscape.

After years of litigating a half-dozen state and federal suits, Hartford has

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Candy v kale: healthy food comes to US corner stores in fight against ‘retail redlining’ | Food poverty

When Samantha Pounder and Hannah Choi imagine the shelves of a corner store, they see fresh aloe and kale instead of the usual sugary, shrink-wrapped confections and salty snacks.

It’s a vision that will soon become a reality when the pair open Muki’s Market in Washington DC, one of the

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