In bizarre experiment, street vendor makes Maggi by adding raspberry ice cream dolly. Watch

If you are a regular on social media, then you must have come across many videos showing bizarre food experiments. Maggi has to be one food item that has been cooked with many outrageous combinations and ingredients. While such videos may leave a bad taste in your mouth, they often go viral.

The latest entrant to the list of crazy food fusions is this video of a street vendor making Maggi by adding a raspberry ice cream dolly to it. First, he prepares Maggi in a normal way by cooking it in water and adding the tastemaker to it. As the Maggi is being prepared, he takes a raspberry ice cream dolly and throws it in the mix along with its stick. He then melts the ice cream inside the bowl which turns the noodles red.

Not only this, the vendor then puts the Maggi in an edible cone and covers it with grated cheese. The video was posted on Instagram by RJ Rohan Sunday and he has added his funny voiceover to the video. It has received more than 8,000 views so far.

Watch the video below:

“Are you serious,” commented an Instagram user. “RIP original flavor of Maggie,” said another. “Warning! Don’t try at home and outside as well otherwise ye bimari fail skti hai,” posted a third.

Earlier, netizens were left fuming when they saw street vendors or food bloggers making weird versions of Maggi such as mango Maggi, milkshake Maggi, and cotton candy Maggi.