Woman makes ‘chocolate pakodas’ in viral video. Watch man’s reaction after eating them

Bizarre food experiments are not new on social media. There have been hundreds of strange food fusions, mostly by roadside vendors, that may not seem palatable to a lot of netizens. However, there are still some people brave enough to try dishes like mango Maggi or rasgulla chaat. The latest   Read more

‘Old-fashioned bravery’: Fast-food restaurant’s employee helps woman and her baby during carjacking attempt

Not all heroes wear capes is a popular phrase used by netizens. However, some people do prove with their heroic actions that they are no less than comic book superheroes. A case in point is this fast-food restaurant worker who helped a woman and her baby during a carjacking attempt   Read more

Woman skilfully recreates 20th Century Fox Fanfare theme with food items. Watch | Trending

These videos shared as Instagram Reels videos show how a woman recreates the 20th Century Fox Fanfare theme with breakfast food items.

Having musical talent is something only a few people can boast of and this woman in specific has it in plenty. If you are thinking what makes us

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Woman arrested after gunshot incident at local fast food restaurant

Police arrest one woman after a gunshot incident inside of a local McDonald’s.

Taken into custody is 32-year old Shawna Ellis. Ellis is awaiting arraignment at this time.

The incident happened just before 7:00

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Bengal woman distributes leftover food from brother’s wedding to needy, wins hearts

The wedding season is here. Social media feeds are filled with couple shoots and people decking up for the special occasion. However, amid all glitz and glam, a woman distributing leftover food from a wedding reception to the underprivileged is standing out for obvious reasons.

Dressed in all finery, the

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Woman Arrested in Connection to Shooting at Evansville Fast Food Restaurant

An arrest has been made in connection to a shooting incident that happened outside the Captain D’s restaurant at Covert Avenue and Highway 41 in Evansville, Indiana on Wednesday.

Police say 22-year-old Hope Malin of Evansville was arrested in connection to the incident, but that she wasn’t the one who

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