Bengal woman distributes leftover food from brother’s wedding to needy, wins hearts

The wedding season is here. Social media feeds are filled with couple shoots and people decking up for the special occasion. However, amid all glitz and glam, a woman distributing leftover food from a wedding reception to the underprivileged is standing out for obvious reasons.

Dressed in all finery, the woman was seen sitting on a station platform in West Bengal with metal buckets and big containers filled with food from the reception feast. Serving meals on paper plates by herself, she was seen happily distributing food to the needy at the station.

A wedding photographer, Nilanjan Mondal, who caught the touching moment at Ranaghat station at around 1 am, identified the woman as Papiya Kar. Mondal said it was her brother’s wedding reception that day and a huge amount of food was leftover. So she took it upon herself to deliver it to those in need.

From elderly women to little children, rickshaw walas and more, all were seen gathering near her to get a serving of the sumptuous meal. Although Mondal shared a few snaps in a Facebook wedding photographers’ group, the thoughtful deed soon crossed over to other platforms as well.

Many locals who came across her images said it’s not an isolated incident and that she is known to feed the needy in the locality. As many praised her for her actions highlighting the wastage of food at such big functions, others hoped her act of kindness can inspire others to do the same.