Ukraine Grain Storage Gets Funding Increase to Ease Shortages

Countries, charities — and Ukrainian farmers themselves — will fund roughly 15 million metric tons of additional grain storage in Ukraine to fix deficits caused by Russia’s invasion, the US Agency for International Development said Monday.

The extra capacity to hold grain comes amid rising anxieties about potential food shortages

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Water And Energy Shortages Are Fueling A Global Food Crisis

The Colorado River drought is so bad you can see it from space. Lake Powell and Lake Mead, which supply drinking water to millions of people in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, and California, are each currently down to just 27% of their capacity, a near-complete collapse

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Argentina pledges help to ease global food and energy shortages

Argentina, a natural resource powerhouse, has pledged to help ease global food and energy shortages by boosting oil and gas production and incentivising exports of grain from the country, according to economy minister Sergio Massa.

Speaking on the first day of a visit to the US, during which major new

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Ukraine’s farmers stalled, fueling fears of global food shortages

March 11 (Reuters) – The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens millions of tiny spring-time sprouts that should emerge from stalks of dormant winter wheat in the coming weeks. If the farmers can’t feed those crops soon, far fewer of the so-called tillers will spout, jeopardizing a national wheat harvest on

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Food and Medicine Shortages in Ukraine Prompt Global Relief Effort

With food and medicine supplies threatened across Ukraine, domestic and international food manufacturers, distributors and aid workers are mobilizing to keep grocery stores and pharmacies open and shelves stocked.

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How McDonald’s and Wendy’s are dealing with fast food labor shortages

Lino Lakes, Minnesota, Help wanted sign at McDonalds with great starting pay.

Michael Siluk | Getty Images

Quick service and fast-food restaurants are facing several headwinds when it comes to solving their labor problems. The pressures have been mounting throughout the year. Seventy-eight percent of restaurant operators said that recruiting

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