Ukraine Grain Storage Gets Funding Increase to Ease Shortages

Countries, charities — and Ukrainian farmers themselves — will fund roughly 15 million metric tons of additional grain storage in Ukraine to fix deficits caused by Russia’s invasion, the US Agency for International Development said Monday.

The extra capacity to hold grain comes amid rising anxieties about potential food shortages

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Ukraine, partners launch $150 mln grain export plan to help vulnerable nations

  • Worldwide leaders go to summit in person
  • Summit coincides with memorial to Stalin-era famine
  • Initiative is in addition to U.N. export prepare

KYIV, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy hosted a summit in Kyiv with allied nations on Saturday to launch a approach to export $150 million truly

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Beyond the Ukraine grain deal, how do we fix the global food crisis?

The world couldn’t have been hungrier for it — in the most literal of ways. Which is why when the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres unveiled a deal last week to restart Ukrainian grain exports, he was almost unrelentingly effusive, calling the agreement a “beacon on the Black Sea.” It

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Will Ukraine’s Grain Deal Bring Down Global Food Prices?

Welcome to today’s Morning Brief, where we’re looking at Ukraine’s grain exports and global food prices, Indonesian President Joko Widodo in China, Tunisia’s constitutional referendum, and the world this week.

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Last Friday,

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Ukrainian grain export deal a ray of hope for global food security | Atalayar

“A beacon of hope and relief”. This is how UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres described the agreement reached yesterday in Istanbul between Russia and Ukraine that paves the way for the export of Ukrainian grain. The two countries signed separate agreements with Turkey and the UN to unblock grain

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Ukraine conflict prompts countries to hoard grain, endangering global food supply

That’s prompted governments across Europe, Africa and the Middle East to scramble for a new source of nutrition for millions of people. To make matters worse, many of the countries who could help fill those voids — including Hungary, Argentina and Turkey — have placed restrictions on exports of key

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