Global food crisis: Fuelled by conflict

When the United Nation’s World Food Programme sets records, it does not bode well for the world. Since 2020, when the programme assisted 116 million people, each year has been record-breaking. This year it will assist over 150 million people.

Acute hunger is driven by three things: conflicts, climatic shocks

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Ukraine conflict prompts countries to hoard grain, endangering global food supply

That’s prompted governments across Europe, Africa and the Middle East to scramble for a new source of nutrition for millions of people. To make matters worse, many of the countries who could help fill those voids — including Hungary, Argentina and Turkey — have placed restrictions on exports of key

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What Russia’s Conflict in Ukraine Means for the U.S. Economy

Russia’s threatened invasion of Ukraine could have economic repercussions globally and in the United States, ramping up uncertainty, roiling commodity markets and potentially pushing up inflation as gas and food prices rise around the world.

Russia is a major producer of oil and natural gas, and the brewing geopolitical conflict

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