Why Your Concept Of Healthy Eating Is Completely Misguided

Why Your Concept Of Healthy Eating Is Completely Misguided

By Heather Thompson

I was recently hanging out with a friend and we got to talking about healthy eating habits.

She was trying to figure out how to eat as cleanly and ethically as possible while also giving her body what it needs to feel its best. She had already eliminated gluten and dairy because she found them upsetting her stomach.

As I listened to the laundry list of foods she had taken out of her diet, I found myself asking, “Well, what are you eating right now?”Fruit, vegetables, and meat were the bulk of her current diet.

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But then the conversation delved further down the rabbit hole. Wasn’t eating meat bad for you and bad for the environment?

Fish was definitely universally considered to be good for you, but what kind of fish, she wondered. Salmon! Salmon, I said, is a wonderful food and a great source of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids. “But… I don’t know whether to get farmed or wild. I keep reading contradictory opinions.”

Remember when eating well simply meant eating a balanced diet that followed that adorable little triangular food guide they gave you in elementary school?

Making sure you had a healthy balance of vegetables, grains, and protein used to be the simple solution to maintaining a healthy weight and feeling good.