What’s hot and what’s not trends forecast for 2023

What’s hot and what’s not trends forecast for 2023

Battle Creek-based consultancy JPG Resources has its fingers on the pulse of the industry, from innovation to supply chain, consumer trends, investing and venture capital. Working with a wide variety of brands and industry leaders, the team is uniquely positioned to offer a different perspective from different sides of the biz.

BakeryandSnacks caught up with managing director Glenn Pappalardo to get a deeper insight into what the future holds.

What is a successful product?

A successful product is something that addresses a true consumer need in an effective manner – and effective is the critical term here … starting with flavour and the consumption experience: that’s number one. If it’s not enjoyable to consume, people will not continue to buy it.

Beyond that, there’s nutrition. Firstly, does it satiate me? But then, does it make me feel better? And is it better for me in the long run?

And then there’s aspects of portability and convenience. How hard is it to actually consume?

Then as we radiate out even further, there’s the notion of sustainability … so, is it good for the world around me? That could be the packaging, recyaclability, the ingredients, how humans are treated along the way (Fair Trade) and the perception of the company that made the product.

When you can tick off all those boxes – and not everybody does – that is ‘kind of’ the ultimate measure of success (there’s plenty of products that don’t hit all those boxes that have been successful). As long as you start with flavour – and at least one of the others – you’ve got a fighting chance.