The 25 Fastest-Growing Fast-Food Chains in America

The 25 Fastest-Growing Fast-Food Chains in America

The COVID pandemic has created an intense battle for quick-service market share. 

Many of the biggest restaurants in fast-food are boasting about how excited their franchisees are.

“If you look back at the last five years, and if you look both in the pizza industry and the [quick-service restaurant] industry as far as actual number of net stores and percentage, Domino’s is a leader in that, and still with these numbers we’re going to continue to be a leader,” said Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner. “Also what I think that tells me is while we continue to lead in development, our franchisees are doing exactly what they need to do, which is balancing the capacity needs between the current stores they have and stores they need to open.”

Chains are pumped about their own growth, as well. Chipotle, which is completely company-owned, opened 42 stores in the second quarter. The fast casual has unit growth target of 8-10 percent annually, and it has the pipeline to do it. Eighty percent of locations in development are Chipotlanes, which come with higher AUV and margins. 

Each year, the QSR 50 captures how the top players in fast food improve their footprint on an annual basis. The following is a ranking of the top 25 fastest growing chains in the U.S. 

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Note: The unit counts are by U.S. restaurants as of 2021 year end.

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