Teen fast food restaurant worker assaulted by customers irate over hair in food

Teen fast food restaurant worker assaulted by customers irate over hair in food

A 16-year-old girl is speaking out about being brutally attacked while working at a fast food restaurant in Antioch.  She said the customers were irate over finding a hair in their food. 

Sierra, who gave only her first name, said she’s traumatized by what happened and is in pain from her injuries. Her mother Tiana is sharing surveillance video of the incident to alert others.   

Sierra is emotional as she talked about what happened to her Sunday night while she was working at the Jack in the Box on Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch. 

The surveillance video showed two women and one man  climbing through the drive through window around 11:30 p.m. 

The teen said the customers were irate over finding hair in their food.  Sierra said she is a cashier who takes orders but does not prepare the food.

“They both slammed me to the ground.  They would not let me get up,” said Sierra,”They just kep stomping me and stomping me.”

Sierra shared a photo that showed the footprint one woman left on the back of her shirt. The teen described the two attackers appear to be in their 20s. 

She said they eventually left through the front door. 

Police said another restaurant employee saw a gun in the male customer’s pocket but that he did not pull it out and did not participate in the attack.  

Sierra was taken to the hosital  to be treated.

Her injuries include a concussion, bruises on her face and body,  and a fractured rotator cuff on her left shoulder.

“I was very terrified.  I was scared,” Sierra said this was the second time she encountered these customers that night.
They came by the drive through window about a half hour earlier. 

At that time,  Sierra said the male customer became angry when she asked him to repeat his order because of a faulty speaker.   
Sierra’s mom said she wants to the three customers identified and arrested.

“You do the crime, you do the time,” said Tiana,”What gives you the right to feel you can do something like that over a burger.  Why are you that angry?” 

“Why? It could have went differently,” said Sierra,”I would like justice.”

The 10th grader said she has not decided if she’s going to return to work. 
This was her first job and she saw it as a step towards adulthood and independence, never imagining this could happen. 
Police have not said if there has been any arrest.

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