Global Food Crisis Demands Support for People, Open Trade, Bigger Local Harvests

Food insecurity has been rising since 2018. Even before Russia’s invasion
of Ukraine, the increasing frequency and severity of climate shocks,
regional conflicts and the pandemic were all taking their toll, disrupting
food production and distribution, and driving up the cost of feeding people
and families.

The situation took an

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People demand trendy foods to be healthier, more nutritious

Half of Americans believe they’ve got a great idea for the next big food trend.

A new poll of 2,000 US adults found 73% think trendy foods need to be healthier and include nutritious qualities. Just as many (74%) said they’re more likely to try a food trend themselves if

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How Much Fat Can People with Diabetes Have?

For people with diabetes, monitoring carbohydrates often takes center stage when managing their diets. But that doesn’t mean that other macronutrients should be ignored — especially when it comes to how much and what kind of fat someone with diabetes eats.

Diets containing a lot of saturated fat are associated

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Chicken recipes for people living with diabetes and more

Chicken is rich in nutrients and protein and low in calories, making it ideal for people with diabetes trying to maintain a moderate weight and stay full for longer.

Many people with diabetes aim to eat more healthily by eating protein-rich food. This makes chicken an ideal diet for diabetes

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Chef Kunal Kapur’s relatable ‘food shayari’ prompts people to share theirs | Trending

Kunal Kapur took to Instagram to share is relatable ‘food shayari’ that prompted people to share theirs.

Chef Kunal Kapur’s latest post on Instagram is creating quite a buzz, especially among the foodies. In the post, he gave a twist to a popular Hindi song to come up with a

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