Lone fast-food employee receives hundreds in tips from local strangers

Lone fast-food employee receives hundreds in tips from local strangers

ST. LOUIS– A local mother and Jimmy Johns employee has received about $800 in tips from strangers after an encounter with a customer earlier this week.

A customer, who is the admin of the Facebook group Date Ideas & Things to do in STL , got exceptional service from an employee who was filling orders by herself due to staffing shortages.

The customer encouraged other members of the Facebook group to send the employee, Candace Stroder, tips for her hard work as part of a tip challenge.

The customer said she was excited the Jimmy Johns in Sunset Hills was open after having to close a few days due to staffing shortages and didn’t mind the long wait.

The customer said she was surprised when she got to the window and noticed Stroder was taking orders, making the food, taking payments, and more.

The customer wrote, “the most amazing thing is that she displayed the best customer service even during a very challenging day at work.”

The customer posted about her experience on the group’s page and shared Stroder’s Cash App account information.

Stroder says she has been overwhelmed with the generosity of the strangers and called the customer a “complete angel”.

Stroder says the delivery driver was working with her that day as well. She gave $20 to the driver and four other employees she worked with throughout the day.

She said her manager always told her to keep her head down and “don’t let the customers see you sweat”. Stroder says she just kept going the best she could and did it with a smile.

Stroder explained she doesn’t find herself in this position every day but it does happen from time to time.

She says she actually hasn’t had time to calculate exactly how much money she received because it is still coming in.

She said she was struggling between being a mother to her 7-month-old child and working. She used some of the money to catch up on bills.