Indian Cooking Tips: No-Oil Lunch Recipes For A Healthy Mid-Week Meal

Indian Cooking Tips: No-Oil Lunch Recipes For A Healthy Mid-Week Meal

If you are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, it is common for you to avoid Indian curries and recipes given the excessive oil content in them. In fact, many of you might have even adapted to an all-boiled, no-fry diet plan in the hope of losing those extra kilos. While it is rightfully advised to avoid excessive fat and oil in your diet, it comes as a huge change to our chole-bhature-loving taste buds! Blame it on our lack of knowledge or good recipes, on most days we are left choosing between health and taste. But not anymore! We did some digging and found some absolutely delicious dishes that can fit right into your no-oil diet plan. Here is a list of curries for lunch and dinner that are made with no oil. They are simmered in the goodness of the different ingredients used in them and taste heavenly!


5 no-oil recipes for lunch and dinner.

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5 No-Oil Recipes For A Healthy Meal:

1. Chicken Masala With No Oil: (Our Recommendation)

The simple chicken curry and rice combo can be termed as perfect comfort food for non-vegetarians all over. One of the most prepared and loved dishes, what if we told you that your favourite chicken curry can be prepared without a drop of oil? Made with a rich and flavourful marinade of yogurt, powdered spices, onions, and garlic, this chicken curry is ready in less than 30 minutes and is an absolute must-try! Click here for the recipe.

2. Fish Curry With No Oil:

Another favourite in many parts of the country, fish curry can be prepared in a variety of ways. This one right here happens to be the easiest way to prepare it without oil! Although fish is anyway considered healthy and nutritious, you can amp up the health quotient of fish curry by preparing it by boiling. Here is the recipe for a no-oil fish curry.

3. No-Oil Almond Kofta:

With this delicious and rich no-oil almond kofta, we’ve got the vegetarians covered too. Rather than deep-frying the Kofta balls, they are baked in the oven for a healthy and tasty treat. You may dip it in a healthy no-oil curry base or have it as is. Here is the recipe for the same.

lunch recipes

There are many no-oil lunch recipes that you can prepare at home. 

4. Chicken Breast With Pesto:

With almost no oil and a slew of nutrients, this chicken dish is perfect for a quick dinner or lunch, especially if you are trying to lose weight. It is easy to make and takes hardly any time to prepare. Here is how you can make this delicious, healthy, high-protein chicken breast dish at home. Click here for the recipe.

5. Murg Malaiwala:

A super delicious, creamy and flavourful chicken recipe, this murg malaiwala is made without any oil or ghee. Chicken drumsticks are marinated with ginger and garlic, and cooked in milk, cream, chillies, saffron, rose petals and garam masala. It can be the perfect healthy recipe if you have guests coming over too! Click here for the recipe for no-oil Murg Malaiwala.

There you have it, 5 delicious no-oil recipes for a healthy meal. Which one would you like to try first? Let us know in the comments below.