Does skipping breakfast make us gain weight? These are some of the myths

Does skipping breakfast make us gain weight? These are some of the myths

get started on one Diet to lose weight It is not easy at all, because surely throughout the whole process you will find people who give you some advice, contradicting what your nutritionist says.

are the typical diet myths that we have all heard at some point, but we really don’t know if they are true, but we believe it because someone says that it has worked for them and they have managed to lose weight, or, on the contrary, they have gained weight.

A myth is advice that becomes popular despite no facts to back it up, and diet myths are very common. Some are completely contrary and others partially true. Let’s look at some of the most common.

Does skipping breakfast make us gain weight?

From Medline Plus they assure that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the dayso eating a healthy breakfast can help us stay full throughout the day and say no to less healthy snacks.

However, no scientific study has shown that skipping breakfast directly leads to weight gain.

Thus, experts stress that we should always pay attention to the body. If we are not hungry when we wake up, we can wait until we feel ready to eat and eat breakfast a few hours later.

Is it necessary to reduce carbohydrate intake to lose weight?

Experts say that we must learn to distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates. On the one hand, simple carbohydrates, which are found in foods such as cookies and candies, lack vitamins, minerals and fibers, so reducing these sweets will always be an option to eat healthy and, as a consequence, lose weight.

However, complex carbohydrate foods such as whole wheat bread, legumes, and fruit have many nutrients that are good for our bodies.

Definitely, one has to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydratesbut keep complex carbohydrates in the menu, they indicate from Medline Plus.

If it says “fat free” on the label, can we eat as much as we want without gaining weight?

Most foods that are labeled fat-free or low-fat contain added sugars, starches, or salt that make up for this reduction in fat.

It is because of that we should not abuse these foodsas they often contain the same or even more calories than the sugar version.

Experts point out that you should always check the nutrition label to know how many calories each serving has, and control the portions that we eat.

Does eating late at night make us fat?

From Medline Plus they explain that most people who eat late at night tend to gain weight, but that is because, generally, these people eat high calorie snacks or even they are people who do not sleep well.

These experts point out that if we are still hungry after dinner, we should limit ourselves to eating healthy snacks such as light yogurt or carrots.

Does fasting make us lose weight quickly?

Fasting is not healthy if during the day we are hungry and, later, to compensate, we eat a lot of food, since we will be recovering all the calories that we did not eat during the day.

In addition, from Medline Plus they assure that people who fast They lose more muscle than fat.

In this way, the ideal is to look for empty calories in our diet to eliminate them, such as refined grains or sugary drinks, and not choosing to eliminate meals altogether, especially if we do not have the supervision of a professional.

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