7 Healthy Foods That May Help You Improve Heart Health

7 Healthy Foods That May Help You Improve Heart Health

It is said that a healthy heart ensures a healthy life. After all, our heart is one of the most important organs in the body – it’s what keeps us living and thriving. The daunting reality is that our sedentary lifestyles, poor stress management, and unhealthy food habits are making heart attacks a common problem even among the youth. But, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. With some tiny changes like increased activity and healthier food choices, you may save yourself from those routine visits to the doctor. Start by changing some of your minor food habits and see how that helps you with improved heart health, here are some healthy foods that you may include in your diet.

Here Are 7 Healthy Foods That May Help You Improve Heart Health:

1. Nuts :

Apart from being great sources of energy, protein, and good fats, nuts especially peanuts after your meal is considered good for heart health. According to a study conducted in Pennsylvania, US, peanuts help your heart work smoother after a meal and decrease your risk of a heart attack.


Peanuts and walnuts are considered beneficial for heart health 

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2. Berries :

Berries like blueberry and cranberry are known for their anti-oxidant properties and their ability to prevent many diseases including cardiovascular problems. According to a study published in The Journal Advances In Nutrition, cranberry is ranked high as a health-promoting polyphenol (antioxidant).

3. Oranges:

Citrus fruits that contain Vitamin C are beneficial for our immunity, however, oranges, in particular, have a long list of nutrients. Oranges are full of potassium that is an electrolyte that helps our heart function normally. Studies suggest that a higher intake of citrus fruits helps in preventing obesity-related heart diseases.

apple fruits oranges

Oranges are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle

4. Fish :

Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, Sardines, and other fatty oily fishes contain high omega 3 fatty acids which are great for heart health. Although we knew the benefits of healthy fats, recent studies have been stressing more about the relation between omega-3 fatty acid intake and a better heart rate.

5. Watermelon :

A US study found that watermelon could also help you lose weight along with being highly beneficial for heart health. The fruit halts the build-up of harmful cholesterol – the study suggested that watermelon halved the production of LDL, cholesterol that leads to clogged arteries and heart diseases.

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6. Oats :

11 top scientists who came together for the Annual Conference of the American Chemical Society; stress the fact that the benefits of oats go much beyond fiber. Various studies showed that oats help in lowering bad cholesterol; prevent the formation of fatty streaks in the arteries, in turn, stopping atherosclerosis.


Oats contain many benefits for a healthy heart 

7. Coconut Water :

Not just coconut water, even plain water to keep yourself adequately hydrated is extremely important for better heart functioning. Clinical nutritionist Rupali Dutta stresses the fact that dehydration will make your heart pump harder, drink calorie-free healthy drinks like sugar-free fruit juice, coconut water, lemon water, vegetable juice, chaas, etc to help your muscles work with much ease.

On top of all these, it’s necessary to depend more on fresh and natural organic foods, include more vegetables in your diet, and increase the level of activity in life.

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