This Swiss version of Gujarati snack dabeli has netizens divided

This Swiss version of Gujarati snack dabeli has netizens divided

The foodie corner of the internet is full of odd food combinations and unique takes on traditional dishes. The newest addition to this is a Swiss version of a Gujarati snack called dabeli.

Dabeli, which is believed to have originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, can be explained as spicy potato filling inside a bun. In many ways, it resembles vada pav and is also popular in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

A Twitter user shared a picture of “dabeli fondue” on Friday. As its name suggests, the hybrid dish showed what appears to be a spicy potato curry mix in place of melted cheese. It was served alongside bits of crisp pao or bread.

Sharing a photo of this odd food set-up, a Twitter user, Kunal Sawardekar (@smugdekar), wrote, “Switzerland: Neutrality is a core element of our foreign policy – we haven’t been at war with another country since 1815. India: Let us test your commitment to that principle”.

This tweet soon got over 1,800 likes. A Twitter user commented, “And here I was thinking dumplings baked into a pizza was the worst culinary experiment.”. Another user wrote, “Fondue?😭 I’m all up for food culture fusion but you have to stop somewhere.”

Interestingly, some netizens seemed interested in “dabeli fondue” and expressed their wish to try it. “I have to admit: I think I would enjoy this dabeli fondue,” a Twitter user wrote.