MyPlate? Few Americans know or heed US nutrition guide

Here’s a quick quiz: What replaced the food pyramid, the government guide to healthy eating that stood for nearly 20 years?

If you’re stumped, you’re not alone.

More than a decade after Agriculture Department officials ditched the pyramid, few Americans have heard of MyPlate, a dinner plate-shaped logo that emphasizes

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: Best Recipe List

A glowing landscape in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Image: Gameloft

Hey, no judgment if you burn your toast, I still occasionally eat dinosaur chicken nuggies. We don’t all have what it takes in the kitchen, but the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley lets everyone take control of their destiny.

In Dreamlight, your protagonist is inherently

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A Guide to the Keyto Diet

If your body isn’t producing sufficient ketones or is using them inefficiently, it could lead to brain fog, which can include symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, difficulty focusing and headaches.

An electrolyte imbalance may also contribute to brain fog. To avoid or mitigate brain fog, ease into the new diet,

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A Guide to the Pritikin Diet

The fat content of the Pritikin diet has increased slightly since its original form to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency. Nowadays, roughly 70% of your calories will be in the form of complex carbohydrates, 15% will come from fat and 15% will be consumed in the form of lean or
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