Street Food Of India: 5 Dilli-Style Chaat Recipes You Must Try

Street Food Of India: 5 Dilli-Style Chaat Recipes You Must Try

Delhites have an everlasting love affair with food. You name a dish and we can easily find it in this wonderful capital. However, there is one thing that Delhi is known for exclusively and that is for the array of street food! You can find street food of all regions of the country here – momos from the North East, dhoklas from Gujarat, vada pav from Maharashtra and idli-sambhar from South India! But there are certain street foods from Delhi that brings a smile to the local foodies. If you have been to Delhi and haven’t tried out these dishes, then you are missing out on some of the most delicious street food ever. That is why we have compiled a list of these famous Dilli-style chaat recipes that you can make at home! You don’t need to be in Delhi to eat these delicacies.

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Here Are 5 Dilli-Style Street Food Recipes:

1.Palak Pata Chaat

Guess what? Dilli has managed to convert the healthy spinach to a delicious chaat! The spinach leaves are prepared by coating them in besan batter and deep-frying them. The crispy and fried spinach is then slathered with yoghurt, imli chutney and hari chutney. You can find this delicacy at Prince Chaat Corner, M-block market, GK-1.

Click here for the recipe of Palak Patta Chaat.

2.Daulat Ki Chaat

Chandni Chowk is known for its street food, from chole bhature to parathas and especially chaat. There is one type of chaat that is exclusively available only in winters in this evergreen market and that is daulat ki chaat. This foamy dessert is made by churning milk rigorously for hours and then it is left to sit out in the cold night.

Click here for the recipe of Daulat Ki Chaat.


Aloo tikki taste delicious!

3.Aloo Tikki

The aloo tikki is an extremely popular street food in the city! You can get to every nook and cranny of Delhi and you can always find a street vendor selling it. Thinking about deep-fried aloo tikki served with imli chutney and hari chutney makes every Delhites mouth water! One popular place for having aloo tikki is Bittu Tikki Wala.

Click here for the recipe for Aloo Tikki.


Dahi bhalla is creamy and sweet!

4.Dahi Bhalla

Another popular street food of North India, you can some of the most delicious dahi bhalles being served on the streets of Delhi, that too in Chandni Chowk! Natraj Dahi Bhalle Walla is known for its spongey bhalles slathered in creamy curd and sweet and spicy chutneys. The soft bhalles are made of urad dal and moong dal.

Click here for the recipe of Dahi Bhalla.

5.Kulle Ki Chaat

This interesting blend of fruits and vegetables makes a delicious Dilli-style chaat that is loaded with flavourful spices. Made from potatoes, chickpeas and pomegranate, you can find this local speciality on every Delhi street. The sweet and tangy flavours of kulle ki chaat sing to the foodie’s heart!

Click here for the recipe of Kulle Ki Chaat.

Try out these chaat recipes and tell us how you like them in the comments section.