Meet The Assamese Man Behind Trending Youtube Channel ‘I Love Travel And Food’

Meet The Assamese Man Behind Trending Youtube Channel ‘I Love Travel And Food’

How one can be humble, smart, and intelligent at the same time? Well, meet Bikash Chetry. He is a young YouTuber who is making storms on the internet with his fantastic vlogs. Bikash has a perfect ingredient to be a viral hit on YouTube. 

Amidst the countless video creators on YouTube, Bikash has created his uniqueness with his greeting style. Being an Assamese and a proud Indian, Bikash starts his videos greeting people with a unique line “Hi, Hello Namaskar”. His greeting style attracts most people.

Bikash’s channel “I Love Travel And Food” presently has grabbed 8 lakh+ subscribers and is moving ahead to find a place in the hearts of people.

Bikash was an average student in studies since childhood. He completed his 10 class education at his maternal Uncle’s place, North Guwahati. For further studies, he returned to Guwahati and tries to seek admission for the Bachelor of Arts graduation program. Unfortunately, he didn’t complete the course, thus pursuing an ITI course to get a better job in the future.

He started a job as an event manager in a reputed company. Meanwhile, he also started uploading videos on YouTube. The videos initially didn’t get the required likes and views. But Bikash didn’t get upset. He started learning new ways of uploading videos, making strong content, learning various YouTube policies, etc. “I didn’t give up initially. Once I have uploaded a video on India & Bangladesh border, which went viral overnight. This motivated me and encouraged me to start my YouTube channel, says Bikash.”

In 2018, Bikash started his YouTube channel named “I Love Travel And Food”. He is an ardent food-lover and a travel freak. “I always want to explore new destinations of India. I like to capture the beauty of nature, explore various traditions and eat various delicacies available in various parts of our country. My channel is completely dedicated to travel. I post Vlogs of my travel trips and everything I explore about the city. I am an adventurous traveller and an avid Moto Vlogger. I like to share my experiences of journey with my audience. I have traveled a lot on Bike and yes, it is a thrilling experience, says Bikash.”

His parents also support him in his full-time YouTube career. He has created many interesting and informative travel vlogs that received tremendous responses from the audience. The channel has hit the number of 8 lakh+ subscribers. He has also received a Silver Play Button Award from YouTube for his amazing creativity.

Bikash also has started the second YouTube channel “Bikash Factory” where he uploads various food Vlogs showing different food varieties of different states. The channel also has received 214k Subscribers in a short time. 

“I want to travel across different countries and explore the culture there. Also, I want to mark my name in the list of famous travel and food Vloggers in the future, says Bikash.”