A man, as well as a 17-year-old boy are accused of purchasing fast food with fake money.

Hubbard Police received complaints from multiple area restaurants including McDonald’s, Chester’s Fried Chicken and Dunkin Donuts, all located on North Main Street of suspects allegedly using fake 20 dollar bills to purchase food. 

Police conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle matching the description and found both suspects later identified as 35-year-old Joshua Vigorito and another suspect identified as a 17-year-old boy.

During the traffic stop, an employee at Dunkin Donuts told police that the two suspects passed two counterfeit 20 dollar bills at the business. 

The suspects were asked to exit the vehicle while police searched it with officers stating they had probable cause to do so. Investigation revealed several fast food bags in the back seat of the vehicle.

Police later observed a bulge near Vigorito’s pants pocket and conducted a pat down search, which revealed a plastic bag containing a large amount of allegedly counterfeit 20 dollar bills.

In total, $3,305 in counterfeit bills were recovered with 159 counterfeit 20 dollar bills from the bag in Vigorito’s pocket, five counterfeit five dollar bills and five more counterfeit 20 dollar bills used at the three restaurants.

Vigorito and the 17-year-old were both taken into police custody with Vigorito being booked into the Trumbull County Jail and the 17-year-old being taken into Juvenile Detention.

Police say Vigorito has an extensive criminal record and is currently on paper with the Ohio Adult Parole Authority and currently has charges pending in Lorain County.

Police also spoke to the Secret Service who police say are very familiar with Vigorito. Police say the Secret Service wanted to speak to Vigorito in regards to a case in Austintown from 2019.

The 17-year-old was also on probation through the Trumbull County Family Court. 

Both suspects were charged with three counts of Counterfeiting, and more charges may be filed later.