Free summer meals in NYC: Here’s what you need to know

Free summer meals in NYC: Here’s what you need to know

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Need breakfast or lunch for free? New York City continues to offer free meals — including grab-and-go meals — to residents ages 18 and under across the five boroughs.

The meal locations are at designated public schools, community pool centers, parks and food trucks. Daily cold takeout options are also available from the serving line upon request. One meal per child is available per scheduled meal period.

No registration, documentation, or ID is necessary to receive a free breakfast or lunch meal.

Here’s what to know about the free summer meals.

When can I get a free meal?

Breakfast and lunch meals are provided through the city’s Summer Meals Program. It is available Monday through Friday — lasting through Friday, Sept. 2.

Breakfast is usually served from 8 to 9:15 a.m., while lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Some locations have different designated times.

What food is available?

Breakfast and lunch meals reflect the NYC Department of Education’s commitment to the highest standard of nutrition. The meals meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture standards and do not use food additives, such as artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Locations offer a variety of fresh fruit, whole grains, vegetables and salads for children to enjoy. There are also halal and kosher options available at select sites.

Similar to the regular school year, the summer meals menu goes meatless on Mondays and offers vegan options on Fridays.

The breakfast menu includes items including: cinnamon burst pancakes; turkey sausage; seasonal fresh fruit; apple slices; yogurt; whole grain croissant; mini blueberry waffles; muffins, and assorted bagels and bagel sticks. Grab-and-go meals typically include cold cereal, fruit and milk.

Milk options include 1% low-fat milk, fat-free milk and chocolate milk.

The lunch menu includes: classic cheese pizza; roasted chicken; manicotti; baked sweet potato fries; broccoli; hamburgers and cheeseburgers; white bean and pasta primavera; baked mozzarella sticks; turkey burger; chicken dumplings, and much more. Grab-and-go meals typically include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hummus to go, a hot or cold cheese sandwich and another sandwich option.

Use the Find A Location Search to view the menu(s) served at that location.

How can I find free summer meals?

There are several ways to find a location serving free summer meals.

Where are free summer meals on Staten Island?

Here is a complete list of meal locations on Staten Island as of Wednesday:

  • Egbert Intermediate School (I.S. 2), Midland Beach — 333 Midland Ave.
  • PS 18, West Brighton — 221 Broadway
  • Barnes Intermediate School (I.S. 24), Great Kills — 750 Durant Ave.
  • PS 31, New Brighton — 55 Layton Ave.
  • PS 44, Mariners Harbor — 80 Maple Parkway
  • PS/I.S. 48, Concord —1050 Targee St.
  • Dreyfus Intermediate School (I.S. 49), Stapleton — 101 Warren St.
  • Markham Intermediate School (I.S. 51), Graniteville — 80 Willowbrook Rd.
  • PS 55, Eltingville — 54 Osborne St.
  • PS 56, Rossville — 250 Kramer Ave.
  • PS 57, Concord — 140 Palma Drive
  • PS 58, New Springville — 77 Marsh Ave.
  • Rocco Laurie Intermediate School (I.S. 72), New Springville — 33 Ferndale Ave.
  • Paulo Intermediate School (I.S. 75), Huguenot — 455 Huguenot Ave.
  • Susan E. Wagner High School, Sea View — 1200 Manor Rd.
  • Curtis High School, St. George —105 Hamilton Ave.
  • Tottenville High School, Huguenot —100 Luten Ave.

Here are the public pool locations, serving lunch only. These locations are also open on Saturdays, but their lunch hours vary.

  • Faber Pools, Elm Park (1-4 p.m.) — Richmond Terrace and Faber St.
  • Lyons Pool, Tompkinsville (12-3 p.m.) — Pier 6 and Victory Blvd.
  • West Brighton Pool, West Brighton (1-4 p.m.) — Henderson Ave. between Broadway and Chappel St.
  • Tottenville Pool, Tottenville (12-3 p.m.) — Hylan Blvd. and Joline Ave.