We Sampled 8 Restaurants to Find the Best Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich

We Sampled 8 Restaurants to Find the Best Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich


Chick Fil A chicken sandwich with its packaging on a white kitchen counter

Kristina Vänni for Taste of Home

2. Chick-fil-A

While we tested and ranked a total of eight chicken sandwiches, the truth is the fast-food chicken sandwich race really just comes down to our top two contenders. These two are truly head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, it was very difficult to decide which sandwich should take the No. 2 and No. 1 slots. Coming in at the runner-up position for the best fast-food chicken sandwich is the Chick-fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich. It’s sold at $4.75 with pickles and without mayonnaise, served on a perfectly buttered and toasted bun. However, for those who crave a sauce addition, Chick-fil-A offers a bunch of options.

We decided of all the sandwiches sampled, Chick-fil-A’s won out with chicken that was moist and flavorful as well as perfectly seasoned. The sandwich had a great crunch while the toasted and buttered bun kept the sandwich moist and satisfying. In addition to the original chicken sandwich we sampled, Chick-fil-A also sells a deluxe chicken sandwich, spicy chicken, spicy deluxe, grilled chicken, and grilled chicken club.

Bottom Line: In the end, the best fast-food chicken sandwich comes down to a matter of preference. For us, there was one sandwich with a slight edge to make it to the #1 spot. Keep reading to find out.