TikTok Halloween Food: 5 viral recipes the internet is obsessed with

TikTok Halloween Food: 5 viral recipes the internet is obsessed with

It’s the spookiest time of year yet again, and TikTok hasn’t disappointed when it comes to sharing weird and wonderful Halloween-themed recipes. Here are the ones we think you should try out this year.

In the past couple of years, TikTok has become a central hub for people to share anything from storytimes to lifehacks in the form of short videos, and with such a huge userbase, hundreds of videos go viral every single day.

Naturally, as it gets closer to October 31, people have been getting into the Halloween spirit by sharing their costume plans and classic monster-themed songs in their content.

One thing that the TikTok community loves is food and drink, and again this year they’ve combined that passion with the spirit of Halloween to create some viral seasonal recipes.

Here are some of our favorites.

Spooky Cookies

If you’ve been looking for a way to create some spooky cookies with what you already have in the kitchen, look no further than this TikTok. No special Halloween-specific cutters are required, just use a standard gingerbread man-style cutter, and then get creative. Or like this user, you could even cut out a shape on paper and use it to trace onto the dough with a knife.

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@alisondelfin_Halloween cookies 👻🎃 ##fyp ##parati ##foryou ##fypシ ##halloween ##cookies♬ spooky scar skeletons – 🙂

Cut off limbs, or even heads, then use red icing to create the illusion of blood, or black to draw some scary facial expressions.

Brain Cake

If you feel like taking on a bigger project, Chef Genevieve LaMonaca’s gory-looking ‘brain cake’ recipe could be a great option.

In her video, Genevieve uses pink fondant icing to create the appearance of a brain over a dome-shaped cake, and to give it that slightly realistic edge, she smothers the whole thing in seedless raspberry jam to make it look a little bloody.

TikTok user holds a cake that looks like a brain
TikTok: chefgenevieve

This recipe might just look a little too gory for some—though it does sound delicious.

Although there are a few more steps involved in this recipe, the results look totally worth it.

Dirt Pudding Bar

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year and want something to share with a large group of people, this dirt pudding bar recipe would work amazingly.

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@macy.blackwell🖤Halloween🖤 Dirt Pudding Bar🪱 ##halloweenfood ##halloweenparty ##halloweensnack ##halloweendesserts♬ original sound – madison🩸

By keeping the basic ingredients and a selection of various Halloween candy toppings in different cups, your guests will be able to choose exactly what they want to have on their pudding. Alternatively, you could pre-make them, as the simple process won’t take you long.

Cinnamon Roll Intestine

If you’re wanting to keep that same gory look as the brain cake mentioned above, but don’t quite want to go through all that effort, the cinnamon roll intestines are a great alternative.

Cinnamon rolls covered with red icing
TikTok: aldentediva

This is a simple but delicious way to create a Halloween-themed treat.

Just as TikTok user aldentediva demonstrates, simply unroll your cinnamon rolls and lay them out on a baking tray to make them look like ‘entrails,’ and then mix some icing with red food coloring before applying it to the rolls after baking them.

Spooky Ramen

If you’re not feeling like having any sweet treats but still want to get into the spooky spirit, you could customize your regular bowl of ramen with some extra additions to make it fit for Halloween.

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@nikkalcarazDress your food up in a costume! It’s fun! ##ramen ##spooky ##cook ##foodart ##halloween @viteramen use code SPOOKYRAMEN♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Just like nikkalcaraz, you could use red food dye to make an egg look like an eyeball, carve your mushrooms into tiny skulls, and dye your noodles black. The opportunities are endless with this recipe, and although it could end up being a little time-consuming, the final outcome is worth it.

With the big day right around the corner, enjoy the run-up by trying some of these recipes—and there’s plenty more to discover on TikTok.