The best comfort food recipes from the TODAY Food All Stars

The best comfort food recipes from the TODAY Food All Stars

It’s officially December and in many part of the country, cold weather is settling in for the long winter ahead. On this week’s “TODAY Food All Stars,” Alejandra Ramos, Jocelyn Delk Adams and Jake Cohen are cozying up in the TODAY All Day kitchen with a few of their go-to comfort food recipes.

First up, Alejandra makes super creamy stovetop macaroni and cheese with cheddar, parmesan and a hint of spice. Then, Jocelyn fills a hearty meatloaf with classic pizza toppings. Finally, Jake stirs up a pot of soothing chicken noodle soup with a hint of fragrant saffron.

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Alejandra Ramos makes creamy, dreamy mac and cheese

Stovetop Mac and Cheese


Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food pretty much any time of year. Growing up, my mom prepared a box of a popular store-bought version for my brother and I on special occasions, but now I prefer my own homemade recipe that captures that same level of creaminess, with an even better taste. Keep it classic using only a good sharp cheddar or switch it up with a mix of your favorite melting cheeses like gruyere or fontina. This recipe is also great since no baking is required and it can be ready in less than 30 minutes.

Jocelyn Delk Adams stuffs meatloaf with pizza-inspired flavors

Pizza-Stuffed Meatloaf


If you love a deep dish pizza, then this is the ultimate comfort food mashup for you! It has all the flavors of a cheesy, saucy pepperoni pizza and the homestyle goodness of flavorful meatloaf. The tomato sauce topping and surprise of melty mozzarella cheese in the middle both take this easy weeknight dish to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Jake Cohen infuses warming chicken noodle soup with saffron

Saffron Chicken Noodle Soup


There’s a good reason they call chicken soup Jewish penicillin: It literally cures everything … or at least I like to think so! That being said, this recipe is just as good for cold weather entertaining as it is for reviving someone who is under the weather. Just a little bit of saffron infuses the broth so beautifully for an upgrade in flavor and color. After slowly simmering chicken and aromatics to fortify the golden broth, fresh veggies, herbs and egg noodles come together to make this a truly filling soup.