Healthy eating kids are happy kids

Healthful foods becomes tastier to young children at the time the addictive foodstuff are out of their devices, and the consequence is much healthier little ones. 

How do we preserve young ones healthy these days feeding them what their bodies need to have fairly than feeding their addictions? 

Pizza, sizzling

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Can dogs and cats be happy and healthy on a vegan diet?

Emerging research suggests vegan pet food may be able to keep dogs and even cats healthy and happy, reducing the massive impact that traditional pet food has on the environment


19 September 2022

Dogs holding green vegetables in their mouths

Studies suggest that a dog’s nutritional needs can be fulfilled by plants and

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Apparently, London’s best restaurant is a Bulgarian fast food joint called Happy

Picture ‘London’s Best Restaurant’ and you’re probably getting images of some kind of white-tableclothed affair where diners are plied with elaborately-plated, rarified little morsels. Or maybe somewhere edgy and hyped, that’s got food critics frothing over its game-changing approach. Well, your mental image would be wrong. The quixotic minds

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