USW Joins Panel Discussion on Role of Commodities in International Food Assistance

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) participated in a Feb. 6 briefing panel for Capitol Hill staff that was focused on international food assistance programs and hosted by U.S. Representatives Tracey Mann (KS), Rick Crawford (AR), John Garamendi (CA) and Jimmy Panetta (CA).

USW Director of Trade Policy Peter

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11 Top Lean Protein Foods to Eat

Consuming protein-rich meals and snacks is essential for health and can support muscle growth and help you maintain a healthy body weight.

Though protein needs vary, experts suggest that most active people need to take in between 1.2-2.0 grams (g) of protein per kilogram (kg) of body weight per day

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Taco Bell Was Reddit’s Biggest Fast Food Obsession in 2023

People love talking about fast food on social media. Getting hyped for limited-time releases is one thing, but the discourse about fast food chains isn’t always positive. Restaurant Business reports that the one chain that Reddit couldn’t stop talking about in 2023 was Taco Bell—and much of the

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Mini pretzel cookies, quarterback bars: Get Christina Tosi’s recipes

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    Super Bowl sweets: Mini pretzel cookies and quarterback bars



    McDonald’s, fast food chains respond to backlash over rising prices


  • Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this seabass, fried rice

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Taste the TikTok trend: How to make chopped salad sandwiches

A chopped salad is the perfect way to get a little of all your favorite ingredients in one perfectly cohesive bite. So it should come as no surprise that food creators on TikTok and Instagram adapted the recipe to enjoy it in sandwich form.

Chopped salad sandwiches first took over

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Even on a low carb diet, pasta can be good for you

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Pasta is quick to cook, handy to keep in the pantry and an easy solution for the times when you’re not sure what to make for dinner. But because pasta is high in carbohydrates — and therefore, some

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Top 10 trending travel destinations 2024

No. 1 trending travel destination 2024: Toyko

Tokyo is the top trending destination for 2024, according to Tripadvisor.

Japan was among the last countries to ease border closures after the Covid-19 pandemic and now that they are open again, tourists are getting in line to visit the country.

Tokyo is

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Super Bowl food recipes, snack trends to try for the big game

Chicken wings, chili, chips with dip, sliders and other beloved game day snacks are synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday for good reason.

Whether you’re on team tried-and-true crowd pleasing appetizers or are opting to test out a new viral food trend this year, “Good Morning America” has what you need

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Everyday Cheapskate: 11 tips for eating healthy on a budget

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from readers who are stuck in a mindset that says in order to be frugal in the grocery store, one must live on a diet of high-carb, low-quality and basically unhealthy junk food. And conversely, sticking to a healthy diet is

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Gooh Grocery turns former strip club into international food hub | Business

At 3554 E. Washington Ave., the strippers and bartenders are long gone. In their place are coolers of smoked African fish, an all-Halal meat counter and aisles packed with international foods. The former Visions Night Club, Madison’s last strip club, is now Gooh Grocery.

The transformation of the two-story building

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