Here’s how the trending palada payasam cake is made | Food

Here’s how the trending palada payasam cake is made | Food

Palada payasam cake has been trending on the social media, making everyone wonder whether it should be enjoyed using a spoon or cut into pieces, just as a normal cake. The uruli or the traditional brass vessel has been made in cake while real payasam is filled in it. Fried cashews and raisins have been used to decorate this unique payasam cake that has become a hit, especially during the festival seasons. The soft texture of the sponge cake blends well with the milky and rich taste of the palada payasam.

Those who are confused whether to buy a cake or cook a payasam to celebrate the special occasions can now order a palada payasam cake. It is the unique concept and perfect execution that makes this cake a hit among the hundreds of varieties of cake that are available in the market today. Earlier, people used to order this cake during traditional festivals like Vishu and Onam. However, now, a payasam cake is a must to celebrate any special occasion in the family.

The palada payasam cake is mostly sold by home bakers, rather than bakeries. The sponge cake is designed in the shape of a brass uruli or an earthen pot as per the preference of the customer. Compared to other cakes, it takes time and effort to design a payasam cake with perfection.

“The number of customers who ask for a payasam cake has gone up in the last 4 -5 months. This cake gives a Malayali touch to the cake cutting ceremony. Besides, both the kids and the adults are curious about the cake and enjoy it very much. I get lots of orders for the pink palada payasam cake. It has now become one of our masterpieces,” says Lisha PK, the owner of Kochi-based Cake Wizards.

There are multiple steps in creating the iconic palada payasam cake. The payasam is cooked in the first stage. For this, ¼ cup ada is caramelized along with ½ cup sugar. Add milk the ada crystallizes. Cook until the payasam thickens. Now prepare the vanilla flavoured sponge cake. Along with powdered sugar, cardamom powder too is added to give the sponge cake a unique payasam flavor. Cut the cake into two or three thick layers. Top each cake layer with palada payasam and whipping cream in equal proportion. Now, complete the layers and design the cake in the desired shape. After completing the designing, pour the remaining payasam over the top layer. Garnish with fried cashews and raisins for that perfect look. Palada payasam cake could be enjoyed by scooping the payasam and the cake using a spoon, or cutting into pieces too.