Football food recipes for NFL playoffs with pizza and dips

How about a menu of stuffies  pizza and peanut butter brownies for your New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills game watching Saturday nights.

Buffalo wings are not welcome at this party. 

But don’t forget the dip. Make up a trio to serve with chips and veggies.

Stuffies are a RI tradition

TR McGrath is a third-generation bakemaster. His Newport catering company, McGrath Clambakes, traces its history back to the 1960s. Five years ago he shared his stuffie recipe. It’s from the family recipe box.

“We literally make it the same way my grandfather did,” he said.

And you can, too.

Each one starts with a quahog, “the big boys,” as TR calls them. Shuck them and save the liquor. Cook up onion and chourico and you have some of the best stuffies you’ll ever taste.