Dog gets caught while stealing food, its disappointed look breaks hearts

Dog gets caught while stealing food, its disappointed look breaks hearts

An adorable video of a dog getting caught while trying to steal food has left netizens amused after it went viral on social media. The 26-second clip was shared on Twitter by a user @beckx28 along with a caption that read, “Caught ya.”

In the viral clip, which has now garnered over six lakh views, a golden retriever is seen standing on its hind legs and reaching for the food containers on the kitchen counter.

The dog is able to grab onto one of the two containers but is caught in the act by its human. “Unbelievable. No. What are you doing,” a woman can be heard saying in the clip as the dog looks a bit disappointed and guilty after being caught. “So, now I can’t put up stuff,” the lady continues as the dog turns away from her and drops the container.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared online, the undated clip is being widely circulated on several social media platforms with many quite amused with the dog’s reaction after being caught. “I can’t cope with the disappointment in his face when he realises he’s been caught!! GIVE HIM ALL THE FOOD,” wrote another user while tweeting the clip.

Some also shared stories of their own pooches doing similar amusing things. “My Angus used to literally get in the bags after we had been food shopping and always get the bread and custard tarts out,” wrote a user while sharing a picture of her dog. Here, take a look at some of the many reactions to the viral clip: