CMO on snackification and functional foods as major post-COVID Asia trends

CMO on snackification and functional foods as major post-COVID Asia trends

The Kellogg Company, which does business as Kellogg’s, is one of the world’s largest food and beverage firms best-known for its breakfast cereals as well as rapidly-growing snack product portfolio, providing it with a prime position to recognize up-and-coming consumer trends within the industry.

According to the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer for South East Asia Sanjib Bose, many trends that were initially just in the up-and-coming stage were strongly accelerated by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, and several of these are now heavily influencing the company’s business direction and strategies.

“Most of the trends we’re seeing now are really not things that just popped up with COVID-10, but more of trends that were already around for some time but really got accelerated by it,”​ Bose told FoodNavigator-Asia.

“Amongst those that we have found are having the biggest impact on Kellogg’s include the rise of naturally functional products, where people now really want to get more benefits and nutrition from plants in a convenient manner, e.g. via snacks or cereals.

“This is definitely one of those trends that are going to stay around, and is going to keep growing as things move forward with more and more industry players looking at relevant solutions. And obviously, as a plant-based food company, it really works well for us.”

He also highlighted how the pandemic has transformed consumers meal locations and timings, increasing the search for snack items as opposed to proper meals.