‘Chef’ cat on Instagram tries different food hacks, video impresses netizens | Trending

The Instagram page of the cat called Little Puff, who tried different food hacks, has nearly 1.8 million followers.

Cats are adorable little pets who love to mimic their owners but then there’s a cat who is known as a ‘chef’ on Instagram and is famous for trying different hacks. 

That catto named Little Puff also has nearly 1.8 million followers on his Instagram page on which interesting videos are often shared. Just like this video posted yesterday that shows the cat ‘making’ a cloud egg after watching a video.

In the video, the furry little animal, dressed in chef’s clothes and a little chef’s hat, also opens a cork of a bottle wearing a helmet designed like a space suit after watching a video of a man using an interesting hack to do the same.

“Which one you like the best? Meow,” the caption of the video says. The video is not only super fun to watch but can also teach you a few kitchen hacks too.

Take a look at the video:

The video has been posted about nine hours ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated nearly 1.8 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to share love-filled comments.

“Little puff’s paws works on iPhone screen?” a user commented. *“All of them!!! Looove you Puff,” posted another. “Such a cute baby Puff,” expressed a third. “The cork one gets me every time. Puff’s facial expressions are,” commented a fourth.

What do you think of this chef cat?


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