6 Ways to Break Out of a Healthy Food Rut

6 Ways to Break Out of a Healthy Food Rut

Having your go-to meals dialed in can simplify healthy home cooking. Classic combos like grilled chicken over kale salad and roast salmon with broccoli may always be in your rotation, but sometimes, the dinners you could make blindfolded suddenly lose their appeal. You’ve fallen into a healthy food rut, and the boredom is enough to make you call for pepperoni pizza. But put down the phone — there are better ways to bring some excitement back into your kitchen. Wesley McWhorter, RD, a trained chef and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, shares his best tips for busting a healthy food rut.

1. Try a New Supermarket

Adding interest to your meals starts with the groceries you’ve got in the refrigerator. If you go to the same store with the same shopping list week after week, things are bound to get dull after a while.

“When I worked as a private chef, there was a Korean market nearby with a huge produce section,” recalls McWhorter. At that store he first encountered kohlrabi. The bulbous plant is related to cauliflower and cabbage, and it brings all the health benefits of cruciferous vegetables. Today, he counts it as among his favorite vegetables.

You can get inspired and maybe even find your next favorite vegetable by changing up where you shop, too. Farmers markets, which often carry heirloom varieties of fruits and veggies you can’t find at the supermarket, are particularly great places to find a fun, new-to-you ingredient that can reinvigorate your cooking.