6 seafood recipes to help lighten up your meals

6 seafood recipes to help lighten up your meals

Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite seafood recipes that run the gamut from shellfish to bivalves, and from fresh to tinned.

Sumac Fish, pictured above. Take striped bass or catfish fillets, then cover in a spice mix of citrusy sumac, golden turmeric and warm black pepper. While they’re grilled, make an herby-nutty topping to spoon on top for textural freshness!

Shrimp With Kale, Garlic and Smoked Paprika. Inspired by the flavors of Spanish tapas, dietitian and nutritionist Ellie Krieger pulled together this 20-minute dish with just 7 ingredients (and an optional pinch of cayenne pepper, if you’d like a flash of heat).

Classic Mussels Mariniere. Briny but sweet, mussels might be intimidating at first, but they don’t have to be! Follow Martha Holmberg’s guide to making the classic version, and when you’ve mastered it, try the two variations she’s included: Mussels in Curried Cream and Mussels in Ginger-Chile Coconut Broth.

Couscous Salad With Smoked Trout and Pepperoncini. Grabbing a smoked fish such as trout or salmon can get you to dinner with less cooking involved. In this simple salad, you just have one extra step for imparting flavor — toasting the couscous — which takes everything to a new level. Warm toasty notes against smoky trout just works!

Soft-Boiled Eggs With Anchovy Toasts. A tin, jar or can of seafood can unlock a flavorful dinner. Whether it be of tuna, clams, octopus, sardines or mackerel — the list goes on — you’ll get a quick hit of flavor. Here, turn to simple anchovies, which need nothing more than a soft-boiled egg, butter and good bread to turn into a light meal. Chile flakes optional but highly recommended.

Tiritas de Pescado. Want to dream of summer with a no-heat recipe? Make tiritas, a type of ceviche where you marinate strips of raw fish in acid to “cook” it. And if you’d rather try your hand at a totally raw fish dish, learn how to make Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke!