Eat Your Greens: FDA Proposes New Definition for ‘Healthy’ Packaged Food Claims

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed rule on September 29 setting forth new criteria for the labeling of food products with the nutrient content claim “healthy” intended to help consumers more easily navigate nutrition labels and to make healthier purchasing decisions.

Per the proposed rule, labeling

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‘I felt like I failed’: inflation puts healthy food out of reach for millions of Americans | US news

In April, Kimberly Hart made a resolution to lose some weight on the advice of her doctor. Hart, who is 61 and lives in New Haven, Connecticut, has high blood pressure and cholesterol. These factors, combined with her age and weight, put her at an elevated risk for developing

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Global Food Crisis Demands Support for People, Open Trade, Bigger Local Harvests

Food insecurity has been rising since 2018. Even before Russia’s invasion
of Ukraine, the increasing frequency and severity of climate shocks,
regional conflicts and the pandemic were all taking their toll, disrupting
food production and distribution, and driving up the cost of feeding people
and families.

The situation took an

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Butter Boards Are Spreading Across TikTok

In the past two weeks, butter has been smeared, swooped and spread across all manner of surfaces, and social media, in the name of the butter board.

Not to be confused with a charcuterie board, this is exactly what it sounds like. It’s butter, and it’s on a board.

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Burger King Puts Another New Whopper on the Menu

Let the Halloween fast food wars of 2022 begin.

McDonald’s (MCD) rarely celebrates holidays with menu additions. Aside from the Shamrock Shake, which ostensibly ties to St. Patrick’s Day since it was introduced using the now cringe-worthy Irish stereotype Uncle O’Grimacey, the company doesn’t usually acknowledge any special

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Over $8 billion committed to end hunger

WASHINGTON – This summer the Biden administration called for an end to hunger in America by 2030. Private-sector and public-sector commitments to help achieve the goal added up to more than $8 billion.

Some of the commitments from the food industry include:

  • Chobani, New Berlin, NY, is launching a new
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More fruits and vegetables, please! The FDA proposed new guidelines for labeling food as healthy.

The limit for nutrients is based on the Daily Value (DV), or amount of nutrients to consume each day, and varies depending on the food.

The FDA mentioned, for example, that “cereal would need to contain three-quarters of an ounce of whole grains and contain no more than 1 gram

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on September 29, 2022

AFP: According to Pakistani police, a Chinese national was shot dead in Karachi. Could you offer any information of the suspect? Does he have any connection with Baloch separatists?

Wang Wenbin: We express condolences for the victim and sympathies to the injured. To my knowledge, the victim you mentioned was

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Easy, cheesy hamburger pasta: Get the recipe!

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  • Get this recipe for easy chicken parmesan meatballs


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    Easy, cheesy hamburger pasta: Get the recipe!



    Chef behind ‘Harlem Seafood Soul’ shares po’boy recipe


  • Meet the Harlem chef serving

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